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US Open (NYC), USA


And here comes the last Grand Slam Tournament of the season.

And just like last year, in preparation Evgeny only played one match (in New Heaven) on the North American courts. Let’s hope he’s ready to battle in the big apple !

Apparently on Wednesday, he will be opposed to A.BECK (GER) to try to win a spot in the second round where he could face the one who defeated him in this same tournament last year, frenchman Gaël Monfils.

The complete draw is available : here

Zhenya is also lined up to play doubles associated to countrymate I.ANDREEV.

The doubles draw is available : here



A.BECK (GER) def E.KOROLEV (RUS) 6/3 6/3 2/6 2/6 6/4


Apparently Zhenya and Igor withdrew from the doubles’ draw, it’s then the end of the USO for him this year.

He’ll head back to Europe during the week.

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Wimbledon, England


It’s finally here, the most prestigious of all tennis tournaments starts on Monday.

And Evgeny is scheduled to play on the first day, he will be opposed to contrymate and #29 seed I.ANDREEV.

The complete draw is available : here


[29]I.ANDREEV (RUS) def E.KOROLEV (RUS) 4/6 7/6(2) 6/4 7/6(4)


*picture, courtesy of rrfnpump

Full review coming soon…


Evgeny also plays doubles, associated with his first round opponent I.ANDREEV (RUS).

The draw is available : here

Yesterday thay won their first round match against Y-H.Lu (TPE)/B.Phau (GER) 7/5 7/5 7/5

They will next be opposed to #9 seeds W.Moodie (RSA) and D.Norman (BEL).

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Roland Garros – French Open 2009

As some of you may already know, Evgeny had to retire from his last match (with his double partner D.Tursunov) in the ARAG World Team Cup on Friday.

The reason given was an ankle injury, although no details have spread yet about the seriousness of the injury.

However, Zhenya is still lined up in the French Open main draw (both in single and double with countrymate I.ANDREEV), his first round match against D.GIMENO-TRAVER (ESP) is supposed to take place on Tuesday. But the doubt about Evgeny’s participation kinda remains since he’s been nowhere to be seen on location yet.

More informations about it coming as soon as possible…

Update : Here is a video link where you can watch (fast forward to 2:50) the moment Zhenya twisted his ankle.


As mentioned above Evgeny will be opposed to D.GIMENO-TRAVER (ESP) in his first round match.

The complete main draw is available : here




* picture : courtesy of rrfnpump

After a good pratice session this morning, during which Evgeny was testing his ankle, he got comforted in his decision to take his chances, and play this first round.

Despite the rain delay, the match started in the afternoon. Zhenya started pretty well, he even had a few break points he wasn’t able to convert – let’s give credit where it’s due, Gimeno-Traver is a strong server-.

The first set was tight, Evgeny’s level was good but he quickly seemed bothered by his left ankle. After the spaniard broke him, he called for medical time, but the doc’ told him there was not much he could do. Zhenya was led 5/4, he got back into the game, lost the first set 6/4, and retired.

It was very brave of him to go out there and try, and even though it’s sad he couldn’t perform at his best in this French Open, it is without a doubt the wisest decision to take a little time off and rest this ankle.


He’s gonna give it another try !

Tomorrow Evgeny will play the first round of the double draw, associated with I.ANDREEV (RUS). They will face J.BRUNSTROM (SWE)/JJ.ROJER (AHO).

The complete double draw is available : here



It took only 40 minutes to the doubles specialists to defeat the Russian pair.

An exhausted Igor (who just played a 4 hours match in the single draw) and a disminished Zhenya, still suffering from his ankle, were obviously not enough to upset the well oiled machine that is the pair Brunstrom/Rojer.

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Australian Open – Melbourne, Australia (cont’d)

[2]R.FEDERER (SUI) def E.KOROLEV (RUS) 6/2 6/3 6/1


As expected Evgeny wasn’t able to accomplish any miracle today ! But he showed some great things… and some really bad too…

Let’s focus on the good ones, he finishes the match with one more winner than Roger, and some of those were just stunning to watch. He managed to break once, and on his first break point, he considerably reduced the number of double faults he used to make, and he tried a lot, coming to the net, volleying…

On the bad side, the 44 unforced errors are just way too much to overcome. Patience and concentration are all he needs to improve that statistic… And as he showed in the second set, when the first serve is there, he can become a threat to any opponent, no matter if his name is Roger Federer !

This match had its ups and downs, but in the end of the day Zhenya showed he does have a lot of potential, and since he seems to be completely hernia free – and also free from playing with the fear of getting hurt – we can have great hopes for this season !

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Australian Open – Melbourne, Australia

For the third time Evgeny is participating in the Australian Open. Two years ago he was defeated in the first round by F.Gonzalez, and last year had to retire during his second round match.
He will try again this year, starting by playing the qualifications, chasing a spot for the main draw.

The qualies draw is available : here

Zhenya is the #10 seed of the qualifications.


[10]E.KOROLEV (RUS) def F.NIELSEN (DEN) 6/4 6/1

His next opponent will be frenchman A.SIDORENKO.


And that’s a second win for Zhenya…

[10]E.KOROLEV (RUS) def A.SIDORENKO (FRA) 3/6 6/4 6/0

Although the loss of the first set is kinda surprinsing, it seems Evgeny then managed to level up his game and go straight to victory. In the third round of qualifications he will face [27]D.UDOMCHOKE (THA).


[10]E.KOROLEV (RUS) def [27]D.UDOMCHOKE (THA) 6/3 7/5

In a bit more than an hour, Zhenya earned his qualification to the main draw.

Korolev cruises into main draw

– By Helen Gilbert for http://www.australianopen.com

Evgeny Korolev has advanced to the main draw of Australian Open 2009 with a comfortable straight-sets win over Thailand’s Danai Udomchoke in men’s qualifying action at Melbourne Park on Saturday.

The Russian No.10 seed, a cousin of retired player Anna Kournikova, eased past his Thai opponent 6-3 7-5 in a whisker over an hour.

There appeared to be no sign of the hernia problem that forced Korolev to retire against Philipp Kohlschreiber in the second round of last year’s Australian Open.

The 20-year-old powered his way through the first set in just 27 minutes, hitting the ball ferociously.

Korolev changed his game in the second set, when he began charging the net and raced to a 5-2 lead. While Udomchoke upped his play to level the match at 5-5, the Russian held serve and had soon earned three match points thanks to a deft drop shot, a blistering groundstroke and a mistake by the Thai.

With the match in his grasp, controversy ensued as Korolev left a ball that looked to be wide but wasn’t called. He questioned the decision, but the umpire did not overrule and he lost the point. The second match point also slipped through his fingers, but he sealed the match on the third.

Afterwards, Korolev said he hoped he would remain fit for the current season and would have no repeat of the hernia problems that haunted him in 2008.

“I had four surgeries on the same spot,” he said. “I hope everything will be fine.” Reflecting on the match, he added: “It was pretty comfortable at the beginning. I had some really good shots and deciding points.”

Tomorrow is a day off for him, he will have time to rest before things start to get serious with the first round coming up. He will face C.MOYA (ESP).

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Next week Evgeny will play for the first time on the grass courts of Wimbledon, the only Grand Slam tournament he never particpated in yet.

The draw is available : here

For this first experience here he won’t get an easy task, he’ll face for his first round his countrymate and seed #6, N.DAVYDENKO.


After a tough and really tight match, N.DAVYDENKO (RUS) def Evgeny 7/6(12) 6/4 7/6(5).

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US Open


A second Grand Slam participation for Evgeny, he plays the US Open.

He is #12 seed of the qualifications.

We hope he’ll do as well as he did during the French Open.

The draw is available : here



Evgeny defeated M.Cilic, 7/6(4) 6/1.

He will play F.Prpic (SWE) in the second round.



Evgeny defeated F.Prpic, 6/3 7/5.

He will play [31] R.Kendrick (USA) in the third round.



USO is over for Zhenya, he’s been beaten by the local Kendrick 7/6(9) 4/6 7/5.

Although it’s kinda sad that Evgeny misteped because of one single break ; those three rounds qualifications of a Grand Slam tournament made him jump from 18 ranks in the ATP ranking.

He is now 100th ! Congratulations !

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Roland Garros – French Open

SECOND ROUND : [10]G.Gaudio (ARG)

[10]G.Gaudio (ARG) defeated Evgeny 6/3 6/7 6/4 3/6 6/4.


First set, it was starting pretty well. Evgeny, who decided to receive, immediatly got a break point, but Gaudio saved it and then led 1/0. Games after games they reached 3/2, then Gaudio broke on his first occasion and confirmed leading 5/2. Zhenya kept his serving game but Gaudio ended the set 6/3.

Evgeny started the second set by a love game, and broke to lead 2/0 but Gaudio reacted and Zhenya had to save 2 break points to confirm his break 3/0. Servers had trouble to score their games, Zhenya tried some drop shots, unusually not well touched which means instant punishment against an Argentinian player ; and at 4/2 Gaudio obtained 2 break points, Evgeny saved one but finally saw Gaudio coming back to 4/3, and then 4/4.

Coming out of nowhere after changing sides, Zhenya scored a love game and kept leading ; but Gaudio pushed him in a tie-break. Zhenya led almost the whole time but Gaudio kept pressure on him, they played an incredible point won by Evgeny which was probably the one that gave him the strength to end that set winning the tie-break after a couple of missed occasions.

Thrilled by what he did in the previous set, Evgeny started well once again, breaking Gaudio who served first.

But at 2/1 Gaudio came back on Evgeny’s serving game. At 2/2, pretty much like in the first set, games were following eachothers. At 3/4 Zhenya scored a love game again, but it didn’t impress Gaudio who kept leading 4/5. In what would be the last game of this set, they played one of the most amazing point of the match, both reached an impressive level of tennis ; but Gaudio had the final word on his only break point and won this third set 4/6.

Kind of a habit now Evgeny started this new set by breaking his opponent. But even if he rapidly led 3/0 he was in trouble with his serving games, Gaudio broke back and scored a love game to reach 3/2. Zhenya didn’t let go and kept leading 4/2.

The next game was kind of strange… for no reasons Gaudio started to provoke Evgeny ; even though he won the game coming back to 4/3, he kept being agressive during the one and half minute of resting.

He’ll learn it was a bad idea… Zhenya didn’t respond verbaly to his attacks but ended the set 6/3 with a lot of authority !!

From there, the crowd which was almost entirely backing Gaudio at the beggining of the match started to support Zhenya. And everything kinda turned crazy… Crowd was cheering loud, the level of both players reached its climax and the games were scored either really tight or really large.

Evgeny served first, 1/0 ; then Gaudio 1/1 after a deuce. Then Zhenya dropped his serve 1/2, but immediatly broke with a love game to be back 2/2. Unfortunately Gaudio broke again 2/3 and scored a love game right after it making him leading 2/4. Another love game for Evgeny 3/4, and a tough serving game for Gaudio 3/5 after a deuce. Apparently not scared at all by the upcoming end of this amazing match, once again Zhenya scored a love game 4/5.

The atmosphere was electric, the crowd sitting in a freezing weather was warmed up by its own cheers and from there everything seemed possible… but with another tough game Gaudio finally ended this more than 3 hours fight and won the match 6/3 6/7 6/4 3/6 6/4.

No matter Evgeny lost, he proved once again, playing a memorable match, that he is that mature he can resist to such a pressure, showed a lot of fair play even being provoked… and most of all he revealed to the whole crowd how amazingly talented he is !!

Well done Zhenya !

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Roland Garros – French Open


Short match report :

First game, we can feel the motivation ! Strong serve, long shots…

However, Eschauer really focused, kept on scoring his games, 2/2.

From then everything went fast, Zhenya broke 3/2 and confirmed 4/2.

Eschauer resisted 4/3 but got broken again at 5/3 which gave Evgeny this first set 6/3.

Second set, Eschauer broke soon which made Zhenya highering his level of play to reach 3/3, then making less and less unforced errors he broke at 4/3.

Cheering himself he knocked out is opponent 5/3 with impressive forehands, and finally served an ace to win this secound match 6/3 6/3.

To reach the main draw, he will be confronted to [9]Kevin Kim (USA) on Friday.



Evgeny defeated Kevin Kim, seeded #9 of the qualifications, 6/3 3/6 6/4.

He reaches the main draw of his first grand slam.

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