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Munich, Germany

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This week Evgeny plays at the BMW Open, in Munich.

He will be opposed to J.CHARDY (FRA) in his first round match.

The draw is available : here


J.CHARDY (FRA) def E.KOROLEV (RUS) 6/3 6/3

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Rome, Italy

This week Evgeny is lined up in the Rome’s qualifications.

The draw is available : here

For his first match Zhenya will be opposed to the #8 seed, spaniard Guillermo Garcia-Lopez.



He will face [2]J.MONACO (ARG) to try to enter the main draw.


Unfortunately Zhenya lost to [2]J.MONACO (ARG) 6/3 6/4.

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Houston (TX), USA

During my (unwilling) time off(line), Zhenya showed great tennis at the Men’s Clay Court Championship in Houston, Texas.

Here is a recap of his activity there.

First Round : E.KOROLEV (RUS) def L.MAYER (ARG) 7/6(2) 2/6 7/5

Second Round : E.KOROLEV (RUS) def D.GIMENO-TRAVER (ESP) 6/3 7/6(4)

Quarterfinals : E.KOROLEV (RUS) def G.CANAS (ARG) 2/6 6/3 6/4

Semifinals : L.HEWITT (AUS) def E.KOROLEV (RUS) 7(4)/6 6/4

The complete draw is available : here


And I want to share with you guys, this really cool video of Zhenya, on his free time from the tourney, giving a shout out to my friend Danielle ! 😉

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– Apologies –

Due to technical difficulties … my connection just died to be precise… I wasn’t able to update the blog.

To those who came by to search for the latest news concerning Zhenya and found nothing new for several weeks, I wanna say I’m sorry.

Blame technology, I’m back now !  🙂

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Miami (FL), USA

This week Evgeny is lined up in Miami, at the Sony Ericsson Open’s qualifications.
He is the #6 seed. His first opponent will be [WC]G.GAUDIO (ARG).

The draw is available : here


[6] E Korolev (RUS) d [WC] G Gaudio (ARG) 62 36 75

In the second round he will be opposed to M.RUSSELL (USA).


Unfortunately Zhenya lost to M.RUSSELL (USA) 2/6 6/4 6/2

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Sunrise (Florida), USA

After his early loss in the qualies of Indian Well, Zhenya is lined up to play the challenger of Sunrise. Since it welcomes a lot of high ranked player, and probably being the challenger with the best entry list of the year, Evgeny will have to go through the qualifications.

He is the #3 seed of the qualifications’ draw, which is available : here

His first opponent will be R.GREGORC (SLO).


[3]E.KOROLEV (RUS) def R.GREGORC (SLO) 6/1 6/1

In the second round Zhenya will face N.TODERO (ARG)


[3]E.KOROLEV (RUS) def  N.TODERO (ARG) 6/1 6/3

Zhenya entered the main draw defeating J.DE ARMAS (VEN) 7/5 4/6 6/1

He will play [2] R Schuettler (GER) in the first round.

The draw is available : here


After a really tight match Evgeny is out of the tournament.

[2] R Schuettler (GER) def [Q]E.KOROLEV (RUS) 2/6 6/4 7/6(4)

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Indian Wells (CA), USA


This week Evgeny plays the qualifications of the newly named BNP Paribas Open.

He is the #3 seed of the qualies, and will face N.MONROE (USA) in the first round, Tuesday on court 5.

The draw is available : here


It’s already over for Zhenya, he lost 7/6(3) 1/6 6/2.

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Delray Beach (Florida), USA (cont’d)



That was clean, that was solid, that was the Evgeny we enjoy watching !

He broke right in the beginning of the match, was leading 2/0 before struggling a little, GGL came back 2/2… then it went really fast, Zhenya hit a lot of winners, and most importantly kept focus untill the end.  He is now in the semifinals, where he will be opposed to C.ROCHUS (BEL).


And Zhenya reaches is first ATP final !!

He defeated C.ROCHUS (BEL) 6/1 7/5.

The first set went pretty fast, Evgeny completely overpowered Rochus, he scored a big number of beautiful winners. Then in the second set it seemed he was taking the same road, untill Rochus came back from 0/30 to finally win his game saving a few break points. They were then at 3/2 when the exact same thing happened and Zhenya couldn’t make two winners in a row, he just couldn’t keep the ball inside the court anymore, and Rochus held on 3/3. Evgeny then scored a love game to lead 5/3, but didn’t seem to be trying to end it on Rochus’s serve. He got caught up, when at 5/4 Rochus broke him to come back 5/5. But Zhenya finally put his head together, got his concentration back, broke and then ended the match 7/5.

He will play tomorrow against [1]M.FISH (USA).


[1]M.FISH (USA) def [Q]E.KOROLEV (RUS) 7/5 6/3

After strongly leading Fish in the first set, Zhenya started to struggle as he was just a game away from winning the first set, a few unforced errors, and he slowly lost confidence… and then the set. In the second he took too long to get back to the level he showed in the beginning of the match, and Fish was leading him by a break… although he managed to brillantly save 4 match points, it was too late and Fish ended it on the fifth one.

It’s kinda sad that Zhenya lost in this final because he showed he had the level of tennis to win the title, and probably many others. But overall it’s been a good week, and a good tournament, we’ve seen great things from him that were lost for a long time because of the many surgeries and how it stopped his progression throughout the past year and a half. Therefore he can be proud of what he accomplished in Delray Beach, and we’re sure he’ll do even better in the near future !

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Anna’s cousin not afraid of Kournikova ‘curse’

The title may not be relevant, but I wanted to share with you guys this really interesting, and actually deeply moving article which was released after Zhenya’s win over Kendrick in Delray Beach.

After the jump…

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Delray Beach (Florida), USA

This week Evgeny plays at the Delray Beach International Tennis Championship.

He is the #2 seed of the qualifications’ draw.

On saturday, he will face J.HUTA-GALUNG (NED) in the first round.

The draw is available : here


[2]E.KOROLEV def J.HUTA-GALUNG (NED) 4/6 6/3 6/2

He will be opposed to J.LEVINE (USA) in the second round.


In a tight but solid match [2]E.KOROLEV def J.LEVINE (USA) 6/3 6/4


Evgeny won his ticket for the main draw defeating P.POLANSKY (CAN) 6/4 6/2

The qualifiers have been spread in the draw, Zhenya will face countrymate [4]I.KUNITSYN in the first round of the tournament.

The draw is available : here


[Q]E.KOROLEV (RUS) def [4]I.KUNITSYN (RUS) 6/4 7/6(3)

That was kind of a roller coaster match for Zhenya, he took his opponent’s serve right in the beggining of the first set, leading 3/1, then started struggling and lost the 3 next games, but he managed to broke again to win the first set 6/4. In the second set the scenario was almost similar as he was leading with a break before Kunitsyn evened, they ended up playing a tie break from which Evgeny came out as the winner of the match.

He will next be opposed to R.KENDRICK (USA).

Evgeny is also taking part in the doubles competition, which he hasn’t been in a very long time. He is teamed up with P.CAPDEVILLE (CHI) and they will face R.BOPANNA (IND)/ J.NIEMINEN (FIN) in the first round.

The doubles draw is available : here


[Q]E.KOROLEV (RUS) def R.KENDRICK (USA) 3/6 6/3 7/5

Zhenya is in quaterfinals !

He had a hard time in the first set, was bothered a lot by the wind, couldn’t really find his rythm, and seemed kind of out of it. Down 6/3 2/0 things started to get his way, he came back and managed to win the second set, pretty solidely. However, the third set was not as easy, a lot of ups and downs, just as in the entire match, but he kept his cool and finally came out victorious. He even greeted us with a genius point won with a between the legs shot. Impressive one !

>>> you can watch this shot and a few others from the match : here

To get a spot in semifinal he will be opposed to G.GARCIA-LOPEZ (ESP).

As far as the doubles draw is concerned, it’s over for Zhenya and his partner P.Capdeville, they lost 6/4 7/5.

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