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Moscow, Russia

This  week, Zhenya is playing the Kremlin Cup in his hometown, Moscow.

The main draw is available : here

In the first round Evgeny will be opposed to last year’s winner, countrymate I.KUNYTSIN.

He also plays in doubles, associated with A.GOLUBEV (KAZ), in the first round which will be played tomorrow (Monday) they will face [4]R.HUTCHINS (GBR)/H.TECAU (ROU).

The complete doubles draw is available : here


A.GOLUBEV (KAZ)/ E.KOROLEV (RUS) def [4]R.HUTCHINS (GBR)/H.TECAU (ROU) 7/6(4) 2/6 10-8

Next round they will be opposed to R.BOPANNA (IND)/ J.TIPSAREVIC (SER).


In the first round Zhenya defeated the defending champion, countrymate I.KUNITSYN 7/6(6) 6/3

Although he was a little tensed, he managed to win the important points, and then reach the second round where he will be faced to a big challenge, playing Marat Safin in front of a crowed totally devoted to the latter.


E.KOROLEV (RUS) def M.SAFIN (RUS) 6/4 7/6(4)

In an electric atmosphere, Zhenya played a very good match, he’s been strong and solid, showing his full power with a lot of impressive winners. Both players reached a very high level of tennis, but Zhenya has overall shown more realism than Marat, even though he missed a couple of shots towards the end surrendering a bit to the excitement of the upcoming victory.

Read Evgeny’s post match interview (first round), watch higlights of the quaterfinal and get the rest of his results, after the jump…


21.10.09 – Press Conference with Evgeny Korolev


Q: How did you manage to win? Kunitsyn said that nothing extraordinary happened. You always beat him.

A: It was a tough match today. I really succeed in beating Igor yet. But today there was 2-3 points advantage thus the 1st set was quite tough. In the 2nd set I made a break and won his serve. He made a few errors. The match was tense till up to the end. If I lost my concentration somewhere he would have taken the initiative. So it wasn’t an easy match and I’m happy that I won it.

Q: Is it true that you are training in Germany? Tell us please about your coach team.

A: I train at tournaments as I travel a lot. My team is my family, my father trains me. Brother helps me and mother always roots for me. I train in Germany, Moscow, America and everyone I can. There is no special place for trainings.

Q: Who supports you at Kremlin Cup?

A: All my family and friends support me. About 15-20 people.

Q: You were more emotional that Igor today. How did you tune up for the match?

A: It is said that when you play at home there is some pressure. But I don’t feel any pressure. I played well for 2-3 months without any injuries. And I’m happy that I can play and train at home. I enjoy tennis and really adore this kind of sport. I really appreciate that a lot of fans root for me.

Q: Your next opponent is Davydenko or Safin. Will you stay to watch the match?

A: I don’t think so. I’m really tired. The day before yesterday I have been here all day long. I know how they play. I played Marat and Kolya. Thus in any case I would have a tough match. Tomorrow I’m going to play singles and doubles. That’s why I need to retain my energy.

Q: Who will you prefer to play?

A: It doesn’t really matter. Both of them play well. I have no preferences. I know that Marat feels good and plays without any tense. Kolya has just arrived from Shanghai, where he beat Nadal. He is really in a good shape and is very confident. Besides he is the most tough player in ATP. That’s why I will have a tough match anyway and will have to show my best tennis to win. I’ll do my best.

Q: How did the changes in the ATP score system influence your rankings? And the second question: how do you rate the surface and balls?

A: Frankly speaking the surface is really very specific not like at other tournaments. It’s kind of sticky while playing baseline. It took me also 2-3 more days to get used to the balls and surface. I was on the top of my play and showed my best tennis.

As concerns ATP score system changes it’s positive for somebody and negative for others. These changes are targeted to strengthen the 1st 100. It’s an advantage for those who play challengers because they can play ATP tournaments. These changes don’t matter for me.

Q: What are your plans for the next year? Did you set any goals for the upcoming year?

A: I always set goals. Whenever I set goals something would happen: operations, etc. That’s why I don’t set goals any more. I’m just happy to be on courts.

Q: Is it true that you have said to the journalists that if someone would ask you about your cousin Anna Kurnikova you would leave?

A: It is the last question, isn’t it? I don’t remember that. Maybe I’ll give you her telephone number and you will call her yourself?! If you wish to ask something you’d better call Anna.


[Q]I.MARCHENKO (UKR) def E.KOROLEV (RUS) 0/6 6/2 6/3

Evgeny played the perfect match… for one set. He was confortable with his shots, had total control over his opponent, and quickly won the first set 6/0.

Was that too easy, too much after his great win against Marat ? Maybe, probably… It seems Zhenya started to think about what he was achieving, and that was enough to disturb his game. Getting into the second set he started to miss a little, Marchenko was returning a bit better, and Zhenya’s tennis slowly desintegrated. His opponent now on the roll, Zhenya hasn’t been able to come back.

Then, after a really short half an hour break, Zhenya was back on court, for his doubles secound round match.


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