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Bangkok, Thailand

Zhenya left Europe for Asia, where he will play in the PTT Thailand Open in Bangkok.

In the first round he will be opposed to frenchman and #7 seed F.SANTORO.

The complete draw is available : here


E.KOROLEV (RUS) def [7]F.SANTORO (FRA) 4/6 7/6(4) 7/6(7)


Despite being broken right in the beginning, Zhenya played great up until 4/4 breaking back, then at 40/0 his game suddenly desintegrated he got broken again and lost the first set. The second was tight, Zhenya was inconstant but somehow solid on the important points. Poor line judging led the players to trust eachother more than the umpire, and Santoro even went against a decision made, to give a point (that was clearly in and called out) to Evgeny. They ended up playing a tie break, Zhenya started badly but came back and played a great point to get an occasion to win the set that he converted.

He then broke Santoro right in the first game of the third set, but being unlucky with the net twice in a row, he lost his serve in the next game. At 4/4 Zhenya gets two break points 15/40, Santoro saves the first one, on the second one Santoro’s shot is called in although it seems out, Zhenya complains, says the mark is actually visible, but the umpire stands by his call. After the sides change Zhenya scores a love game, then started a never ending game, Zhenya has multiple advantages therefore break points, Santoro saves most of them, then at another 40/A Zhenya’s shot is called out while again it appears to be in, back to deuce, Santoro finally scores his game 6/5 … Zhenya pulls out another love game, which leads to a second tie break  which turned out to be a thriller.

Evgeny takes the first point on Santoro’s serve, stays strong leading 4/1. But unfortunately his left thigh starts cramping and he makes a double fault 4/2. At 5/4 he makes an unforced error which gives two match points to Santoro, Zhenya saves the first one, 6/5 Santoro to serve. With a huge forehand Evgeny is back to 6/6 saving the second match point. 7/6 and third match point for Santoro, Zhenya saves this one too with a good serve. He then takes the lead 8/7 scoring a massive forehand.

One match point and it’s done 9/7 Zhenya defeats Santoro and goes through to the next round where he will be opposed to R.GINEPRI (USA).

He’s been strong and patient, he has raised his level at crucial moments, this is a very good win, against a very tough opponent, which confirms he’s definitely back on the right track.


Wednesday, aside from the competition, Evgeny took from his free time to share a moment on court with the kids of the PTT Open.


Here is a link to all the pictures taken during the Clinic.



Well, somehow, and in a positive way, there’s actually not much to say about this match. Zhenya played strong, on each and every point. He didn’t give any chance to Ginepri, and the american has been nowhere near Zhenya’s level in the entire match. In 42 minutes Evgeny showed what he is really made of as everything in his game was there and effective.

He is now in quaterfinals, where he will face [2]G.SIMON (FRA) in a real big test match.


[2]G.SIMON (FRA) def E.KOROLEV (RUS) 4/6 6/3 6/4

With an early break in the first set, Zhenya was confident and his game was flawless, he won the set without any difficulty. He kept playing amazing tennis in the beginning of the second set, so much than an overly frustrated Simon actually ended up shouting at 1/0 “it’s impossible that he never misses like that !” Zhenya kept on rolling, constantly forcing Simon to stay far from his baseline and hitting major winners up to 4/3. But patience payed for Simon when Zhenya started to miss a few shots, which cost him the break 5/3, and then the set as he made another unforced error.

He seemed to be determined not to let the loss of the second set get him down, and started the third by breaking Simon with a beautiful drop shot, 2/0. But the frenchman came back, hitting great winners and Zhenya’s game started to slowly fell apart a little. Down 3/2, and less confident than in the beginning he wasn’t agressive enough to break back, and Simon took the lead 4/2. Zhenya scored a love game to stay in the match 4/3, but Simon hold on to his serve. And despite Zhenya’s efforts at 5/4 (leading 0/30) to try to come back, Simon stayed solid and ended the match 6/4.

Another very good week for Evgeny, another quaterfinals, which unlike the last one he came close to win. He showed great tennis, consistency and mental strentgh ; and on monday he will reach his highest ranking. All a sign of great things to come.

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